Our Candies

The Only Cream Candy That Melts In Your Mouth

Simple Ingredients & All Natural Goodness

At Buttermints, quality begins with simple, natural ingredients. Our mints are a beacon of simplicity, free from artificial colors and flavors that many mass-produced candies rely on. With delightful flavors and a clear purpose for each ingredient, every bite offers unexpectedly scrumptious joy. Taste the authentic craftsmanship, savoring a treat as pure as nature intended.

Authentic Flavors

Our expansive collection of flavors at Buttermints is more than just a list; it’s a flavorful journey curated with meticulous attention to authenticity, surprises, and satisfies your taste buds. From the zest of Grapefruit Buttermints to the rich delight of Coffee Buttermints, to the zesty burst of Orange Cream and the indulgent sweetness of Cinnamon Cheesecake, every flavor is authentic and uniquely crafted. We don’t just create mints; we offer a sensorial experience that captures the true essence of the ingredients. We believe that if a mint claims to taste like Raspberry Lemonade, then every bite should transport you to a sunny day with a glass of refreshing drink in hand. No compromises, no imitations – only the genuine taste of natural flavors that make our mints truly “Unexpectedly Scrumptious!” Each Buttermints moment is an unexpectedly scrumptious journey.