Licorice Butter Mints

creamy and smooth this licorice most likely the most delicious licorice flavored candy you will ever find. if you are alread a licorice fan, you will soon be addicted. if you are not you may soon be!



Earn up to 12 Buttercoins.

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Our licorice butter mint candies have a distinct flavor you’ll grow to love.  Each batch of our delicious butter mint candies is made using a combination of natural ingredients and flavors.  Using a unique recipe of natural ingredients.  Where we combine these natural ingredients with just a touch of pure essential oil.  To make these delicious licorice butter mint candies that will delight and tickle your taste buds.  A butter mint candy that is a perfect combination of flavors.  With a taste that gives you that surprisingly refreshing and festive splash of flavor.


When you buy any combination of 4oz. packages of our original butter mint candies we’ll ship them to you FREE!  Why wait when you can get the party started when you order yours today.   Enjoy any combination of flavors to get the butter mint candies that remind you that everyday is a day to celebrate.

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Evaporated Cane Juice, Salted Butter, Blue Agave, Anise Oil, Black Food Coloring

Allergy Warning:

Manufactured in a facility that uses eggs, milk, tree nuts, sh, peanuts, wheat & soybeans


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