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About Us

Looking for that unique one of a kind treat to delight your day? Our traditionally made butter mints are just that. A family tradition bought to life as a way to celebrate those special moments. We make our unique butter mint candies that your friends and family will fall in love with all over again.  Give a tender kiss of buttery sweetness to your loved ones everyday with our irresistibly delicious butter mint candies. The traditional morsel of buttery sweetness that makes everyday special.  Because at Buttermints we believe everyday is an occasion to celebrate!

Our History

The Beginning

  • Summer of 2013

We started to make Buttermints just for the joy of it, and to try out and old recipe. The first batch we made didn't work, but we kept at it. Once we perfected them, they became a favorite for friends & family.

Summer of 2013

Started to Sell

  • 2014

Once we started to sell them they became very popular, and we started to sell them to local retailers.

Added 15 Flavors

  • 2015

We had about a dozen flavors, and during this year, we added about 15 new flavors.


Changed name to Buttermints.com

  • 2017

Up to this point, we have been selling them under the name Meltaway Mints. We purchased the buttermints.com domain, and then changed the brand and packaging to match.

Launched New Branding & Website

  • 2019

We launch our new packaging in Jan of 2019. In the mid of Q2 our new website launched.



Delicious Flavors


Handmade Batches Made


of Buttermints Enjoyed!


You can, but it isn’t 100% necessary. As long as you store them in an air tight container at room temperature, they should store wonderfully!

It depends, but usually it takes anywhere from 1hr to 1.5hrs. After this, it takes up to 48 hrs for them to mellow, and soften.

We have got the creation of our Buttermints down to a science! However, even with our “top-secret” methods, we still have about 1 batch fail for every 12 batches.

Good question! For now, it is an in-house artist, and she’s a bit shy.

Buttercoins are our in-house rewards system. You get 1 Buttercoin for every 1$ spent through our website. Each Buttercoin is worth $0.04. So if you spend over $25 you can get 1$ off your next order. Buttercoins expire after 2 years if you don’t use them. You can also get 10 points for creating an account, and 50 points for leaving a review.

Great question, mainly because we havn’t been shipping long, and we have to ship express on most orders, otherwise your order can melt.

The US & Canada for now. We can ship other locations, but prefer to have a 1-on-1 conversation first.

Yes…. we can send out samples, but we would want to speak to you first.

Yes, absolutely. We get request all the time, but prefer to work 1-on-1. That way we can get them to you in time, and packaged the way you need them. Send us an email with what you need to [email protected]

Yes, but there are some requirements. Send us an email ([email protected]) and we will send you the details.

Yes, but there are minimum order requirements, and minimum annual purchasing required. We have different pricing levels based on volume, and take backs.

Yes we can, but we have minimum orders, and other details that we would need to discuss in person.

Yes most of the time, but we have minimum orders, and other details that we would need to discuss in person.

We get a lot of questions, so we hope these covered them. If it didn’t, drop us a quick note using the form to the left.


Have other questions or comments?

Send us a note, and we will get right back to you. Thank you for caring, and hope you have a joyful day!

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